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Small Business opportunities are split into two distinct categories, the first being for brand new business opportunities and the second for advancing your existing small business.

This website is going to concentrate on the new business opportunities, but will naturally have ideas and options that will help an existing business use ideas and tactics to get more visitors and inquiries to your business.

How you can get the most out of my experience and my website

Update here

This website and most of the services I offer have been going on for longer than 5 years and as you can image I am not only becoming more experienced, but many old prices and services change.

So, while I do still train newcomers that wish to learn how to start a business online, I tend more towards helping you set up that business first and getting it to a profitable level.


1. You are welcome to check every page, there is a lot of information both to buy and to get for free.

2. You are welcome to take advantage of my website by becoming a contributor – you can contact me and submit an article – with links to your website, and I will consider the article for publication.

3. I have a variety of websites that cater for different types of small businesses , like flea markets, or Internet marketing, and you will find banner adverts and pages that link to those other websites.

Thank you for visiting this site of mine… I hope that it has been of use to you.

If you need to contact me …. Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson

business opportunities

This Is a very wide version of how you could apply a home business to your life.

I would consult with you on this subject as there are factors that will affect you options.

I would also encourage you to download and read my 26 ways to make money online report

The main categories that exist are…

  • Starting an internet business
  • Doing a small home manufacturing business
  • Running a home consultant service

Ok, so an online business could be almost any variation of an offline business with about a million new business opportunities added.

Seriously – true story.

The easiest would be for you to get my make money online book – it is free, it is a lot of reading – but your benefit gained will be massive.

In fact before I do any new free business consultation with anyone they must have read the report.

The reason is that I will waste your one hour consultation trying to explain everything that is in the report and you will not gain much from me, but if you read the report your free consultation will be a massive help (free consultations are heavily dependent upon my time available)

I do not actually suggest that you try the many part time opportunities, but sometimes you have to do them for fast income.

If you need to earn money really fast I can show you a few methods.

Again – only once you have read my free money income online report

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