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Serious about your business ideas or business opportunities?


If you are serious about starting a business of any sort, or already have a business but are looking at growing it in any way, then you need to read the next few lines a few times to be sure that you get it.

As you will see when you go into this website and start to look around, you will find a lot of great free training and more that will be a lot of help to you in your business ideas and business opportunities.

You will also see that I now have 10 years of full-time online marketing experience with selling products and services online.

The really good news is that ANYONE who can read and write and has a computer with an internet connection can start a business TODAY and if they work hard at that business plan, they can be earning money within a few days and have a very solid business within a year. In almost any niche or business type.

I repeat – ANYONE who has those above things and then works for at least 2 hours a day on their website marketing plan should have a successful business of their own within a few months.

Ja, This is not any sort of make money easily plan, I am talking about a carefully planned business idea where you do all the necessary steps to get your business up and running with the least amount of wasted time and into a profitable space within weeks.

It can be done. It can be done easily too.

OK, so it took me ten years and a LOT of courses and more to get this skilled at starting up businesses – so where does that leave you?

You see, the entire point of what I know and am sharing with you here on this website is to help people start businesses today and find a way to do what they love doing and earn a great living at the same time.

If you are that guy who thinks that life owes them things, and is permanently looking for a shortcut to fast money, then you are definitely in the wrong place.

The tricks and methods that I can show you on how to set up these new business ideas of yours are definitely going to either cost you a lot of money or a lot of time.

BUT, when you have set it all up properly, and it is making money easily you are going to look back at those busy 6 m0ontths and laugh at how easy it really was.

Right now it will seem like you have so much to learn and apply, but in truth, all of it is easy to do. The trick is to know what to do and do it properly. Every day for a year or so.

Why am I helping you with so much free content here on this website?

well you see, there are a few reasons.

  1. I will possibly make some commissions from you if you follow my advice.
  2.  I can do about three or 4 website orders a month, so some of you will order them from me, but the rest of you will need to learn how to do it yourself. (Don’t worry I will show you)
  3. When I see so much BAD – REALLY BAD advice being given to the groups on Facebook, I want to cry. Why there are so many fools who are so confidently sharing stupid and bad advice to everyone amazes me and horrifies me. I know that those of you who read this and then follow my advice will see that I do know what to do an how to do it, and at least you will be on the right path. I wish I had someone who was helping me back then when I started.
  4. Plus I have sort of moved on. I do not do that much training and stuff these days as I have been building up those same business ideas for myself lately and do not need to get paid to teach people to start businesses as much anymore. I do take on the occasional client but generally, find that my fees are too high for most startup South African clients these days. If I told you that a proper business website will cost you about R 50 000 to build you are going to such air for a few seconds before you can even answer me. But it is true. You see, I will do it for you for that price (and by the way – my profit is less than R 10 000 on that price) BUT – GOOD NEWS – can show you how to do all of that for FREE.

I admit that a lot of the content here on this website is done a few years ago and small aspects of the training are in need of an update, so I want to tell you this fact.

IF you do go through all my training and come to me via the contact form with questions I will either charge you for my time or send you to a place or a video where you can get more information for free.

Contact me or phone me for some free advice at any time. I enjoy helping people and know that if I can send you in the right direction now, you will be successful in your life and live a happy life.

I am off to make you a video now, that I will post below this. It is not going to be a short video.

In fact, expect it to be between 30 minutes and an hour long.

BUT, and this is the cool part, I will be giving you some amazing advice in this video that is current and full of some great business ideas and then some advice on how you can go and start up a business of your own – TODAY!

Watch this video for some current business ideas and opportunities advice in South Africa today



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Business Opportunities

Some of the best ideas for making money right now.


Landscaping business | Catering Business | Craft Business | Shopping Website | Affiliate marketing | Kindle business | Amazon Business | Tree Felling Business | IT Business | Consulting Business | Jewellery Business | Estate Agency Business | Day Care Business

Fresh New Business Ideas Added Regularly


Courses & Freebies

Free Reports and Free Courses Available Now

I will have a series of free courses that you are welcome to download and apply to your business.

Right alongside this I will have as many extremely affordable courses that will be designed to solve specific marketing issues that your business might have, and finally, I will also be offering you premium courses.

The courses cover a large range of ideas and topics


Free Internet Training

This free training will cover EVERYTHING you will need to learn to do and apply to make your online business a success.

I will cover every aspect of website design, keyword research and online marketing for you right here for free. This is very important if you plan to do the daily running of your website yourself.

There are a lot of video courses in this section


News & Reviews

Find out what is happening online right here

Here, I will be bringing you the latest news and cutting edge stuff from the online world.

If you relax and trust me to stay up to date online, you are free to do more work on your business.

This section will also cover reviews for services and products.

This section will run like a blog – most of the time



Read more in detail on each section right here below

When I discuss Business Opportunities …

This section will be detailed and ongoing reviews, videos and more relating to EVERY TYPE of business opportunities.

You see, most people think that a business is either something like landscaping or opening a hair salon etc, but there are more than 100 variations for each of those specific niches out there.

For example, you could blog on hair styles and make money.

Or you could do courses and sell them on different hair styles

Or you could do a membership (like a magazine) website on hair care.

You could do social media marketing for hair care businesses.

Do you see how many possible variations there could be for just one niche or topic?

Then, when people think of making part time money online – they all think that you need to post idiot links on groups on facebook to make money – and this is the dumbest way of doing anything online.

There are thousands of very good ways to make extra money online while you are still doing a normal job.

Some will need you to spend money and others will need no money to do at all.


Courses and Freebies

Courses and Free products and free reports will be available in this section.

The idea here is for me to stay up to date with all the newest and most current ways that business owners are using to get the best buyer traffic online.

In fact, when you go to any page here on this site, and see the pop up for the push leads – add your name, and you will be notified whenever I do new freebies.

I cover the full spectrum of online marketing here, and most of the time when I get a new course of a new freebie, I will do a review on it at the same time, so you can see if it is a fit for your business.

If you are having a specific issue or problem with your website or making money online, you are welcome to send me an email asking for more details.

Please note that when you do that, I will be putting the reply to your problem live in video form on this website.

The best place to start is via this link…

Courses and free reports for online marketing and small business ideas



Free Internet Training

What sort of free training is here?

I used to charge $500 for personal training – one on one. The problem was that the first 5 hours were all taken up with educating my clients on what potential is available online. Then I used up more time helping the client choose their best business idea.

Then we would use up more time setting up the domain, hosting and installing the WordPress website. Finally their training would end when they now had a business idea, a ton of forgotten details about online marketing and in truth, they were actually only at the very beginning.

At this point, I would then need them to pay me another $500 to start to learn how to run their website.

With that in mind, I decided to start to make detailed videos on all those basic steps that a person who does not want to pay $3000 to have their business website built for them, but still wants to know how to make money online, can use to get started online.

If you take the time to watch all my videos and apply those skills that you will pick up by doing that, you could easily find yourself with a $3000 a month income from your online activities within 6 to 10 months.

Get started with your online training right now.




News and Reviews

News and Reviews

I spend at least 20% of my day keeping up with the latest forms of online marketing and looking at and buying all the latest courses that become available.

Why? well, it is a well-known fact that online marketing changes all the time, some marketing methods will be evergreen, but many others come and go.

Backlinking methods, different ways of doing social media and more. Constant changes daily.

Go to the page using the link below.

When you are there click on and fill in your details when the PUSH LEADS pop up appears. That way you will receive notifications whenever I add pages or posts.





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