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Get the best small business ideas

If I just supplied you with a list of the best small business ideas I would be cheating you

The so-called best small business ideas will differ in a massive way from person to person. Let me start by telling you that there are markets that are evergreen and will always be popular, there are other markets that are equally as profitable if you have specific skills. So having started off confusing your with a cryptic answer – I will give you some pointers that you have to look out for when finding the best small business ideas. There are quite a lot of factors that can and will influence the type of business that best suites your skills, location and opportunities. Please bear with me and I will show you how to find the perfect business for yourself. There is a fairly simple version of business, that I tend to believe is the perfect short description and it goes like this…

ONE – Find out what people want

TWO – Give it to them

Seriously it is almost that simple, however, let me give you a short and very easy way to determine if your chance of finding your own best small business ideas are possible.

Start with your own personal list

Sit down and list you favorite things. Take a pen and paper and list all the topics and trends and subjects that you have an interest in. This brainstorming session needs to be informal and relaxed, but if you are struggling – walk around your room or house for ideas. Remember that you are likely to have bought magazines or books on what you like and are interested in. If you are really stuck, then get the yellow pages and search there, or go out to a shopping mall and roam around. You will be surprised as to how many great ideas you find there. Next if that list is more than 20 look at it carefully and remove those ones that are obviously not your favorites. Try to get the list to be between 10 and 20 topics. Do not stress out if you have only written down two things, I will show you soon that even a single “topic” has got, in fact, many smaller options or sub-niches below that.

Tidy the list up into short keywords.

EG, if you have written love to surf on weekends. Then rewrite the keyword as surfing or perhaps weekend surfing, or part time surfing. Now find out who is looking for what you are interested in Go to the free Google keyword tool. If it completely scares you, ask me to send you a video or two teaching you how to use it. ( I have a few in my training products) Put each keyword into the tool one by one, and set into “exact” (it is a radio button thing down the left-hand side) and hit search. You should get back a page that shows you this sort of result.

sandton business ideasNow which do you think is the best small business idea? OK – now do this for all your keywords, making notes on the possibilities as you go along. When you are finished you will have reached a list of your own personal best small business ideas are. If your list looks unappealing – keep doing keyword research until you get something that really looks like it is great demand.

The most popular subjects

Do not be fooled, there are very popular niches that are equally competitive so you need to think carefully if you would like to compete in that market. But I always tell people that if it is competitive, then all you need to do is to do your business in a more focused and targeted way, and you will make money.

Is it this simple?

Yes and no. I have a very detailed training course that you could follow, but to make matters easy for you – you are welcome to email me with your ideas first to see if you are on the right track. No strings attached. Find my contact page and send me a mail and I will be happy to help.

I hope that this short page has helped you find some great and profitable best small business ideas

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