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Keyword Research Videos and Training

Keyword research is absolutely vital to any and every business

If you scroll down this page you will see that I have done a few videos for you on keyword research and have tried to cover all the most important parts that relate to doing that research correctly.

If you feel that I could do a specific keyword training video for you that I have not done here below, then feel free to either comment here or send me a message via the contact page.



What are Keywords?

This first video will cover the explanation of  what keywords are and how you can use them to great effect in your business.

Please remember that keywords can make or break a business – no jokes, a badly run business with poor products will make more money that the best business out there if they are the ones on page one.


The Google Keyword Planner An Overview

Google is the biggest search engine by far, and therefore, it is logical that we use their keyword tool to see what people ar actively looking up online.

This video is a general overview of how the Google keyword tool works and what it can do for you

Core or seed keywords

Knowing where to start your keyword search is actually very simple, but until you grasp the basics of what core keywords to start off with, you could end up going in the wrong direction.

This video will explain all you need to know on seed keywords or core keywords


Buyer Keywords Explained


Once you get the basics and your seed keywords research, you then need to dig deeper for the buyer keywords.

The point of a buyer keyword is to not only see what level of interest there is but at the same time know what titles and keywords you need to target when doing your SEO on your website or social media.



Long Tailed Keywords and Drilling Down

I love this part of keyword research as it is here that you get to see how hard or how easy your niche will be.

Not only that you get to see the real potential as far as buyer intent and buying volumes go.

There are a lot of things that I have not covered fully here, and I get that, but this video will show you the best parts of keyword research.


Understanding keywords and other keyword tools


The final video of this initial keyword video training series covers what else is out there from a keyword research point of view, and a bit of details on other things that I have used and found successful.


There will be ongoing video Training for keywords and research

So, a couple of points I want to mention here.

  1. You are welcome to contact me and ask for more training videos if they are more general in scope. If you are just looking to get your keyword research done for you – I am likely to charge you $100 an hour 🙂
  2. I do have a course of mine that specifically goes into a lot of detail in the research of your niche and covers some keyword research too. It is aimed at crafters – so it might not be 100% appropriate for your niche. go see that course here  –
  3. Then I have a free course that has a fair amount of keyword videos in it – (free at this moment) I call it the get more leads course and you can go and get a copy here  –
  4. Finally, almost all the links you even need will be inside the free business toolkit. get your copy here


Thank you for watching my training Videos

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