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Small Business Opportunities – Bonuses and special offers page

Start your new small business here right now today – by hooking yourself up with one of the following special opportunities that I offer on this page below.


So if you have arrived here via any of my links you will see that I have needed to revise my offers. ( Especially if you were here before and find some specials that I had are gone – sorry)

I still remain totally committed to helping you with your online efforts, but the personal one-on-one training slots are full.

I do occasionally get new slots open, so if you feel that you would like to get personal training you could contact me via my contact page and see if there are any opportunities available. You will get a free hour consultation, and thereafter be charged at my hourly rate which is in the price list report that is downloadable. This is strictly controlled – so please do not get disappointed if I have no openings.

I will offer you some reports below that should help you get a lot of information without you needing to spend a fortune

Firstly let me give you a short overview of what Making Money Online is all about.

I originally started out with a small report that showed you how to find a highly targeted niche or business idea online, and use that known visitor traffic to build a website that would guarantee you targeted traffic to your web based business by following a few simple steps to set your new business up online.

This complete training report that I developed is now only available to those who get personal training from me, or who have followed all the links that I offer here on this website – and join (as a paying member) either the Chris Farrell training program, or the affilorama training. To see those offers – and they are extremely good, you will need to click on the banners on the side of this website and go and look at those training systems for yourself.

So to give you a quick example of a business idea – if you made wedding dresses – You would need to find exactly what people are searching for online as far as wedding dresses go – right down to in your very own town or city – and then how to get those searching visitors to actually email you or phone you to buy a wedding dress.

As simple as that! Easy step by step methods that really work – and only cost you your time to set up.

My training has changed and grown for a lot of reasons – but the biggest reason is that almost everybody has needed different circumstances to be applied to their situation, and all needed personal consultation, or needed to go and join the big training sites to learn how to do it all themselves.

I found that 95% of the people that bought my course all booked time with me for detailed help for their specific needs. Not only that – In comparison to what your time was worth – most found that my rates were well worth you taking advantage of booking me for these personal sessions.

I still offer a complete website building package – But this depends upon my available time.

I now do a lot less training etc for new clients as I am booked up most of the time. However I have a variety of services that will be able to help you. I do still build complete done-for-you Businesses and other things for clients. (My best advice is for you to use the contact me page and set up a real meeting with me – using up your free hour – or on Skype – and get the best advice directly from me for your particular set of circumstances.)

What I would build for you is what you would learn from the two recommended training guys that I refer you to from the banners on this website – but naturally without you needing to go and do the detailed training that they offer.

While learning to start up a small business online is in fact very easy – about as hard as learning to play the guitar – it does take a lot of commitment from you and will use up your time. Nothing for nothing, as you will need to apply at least two hours a day for months before your training starts to earn your business a steady income.

Naturally you could do 8 hours a day, and get there a lot faster.

However, the biggest hurdle that people discover is the massive amount of different opportunities that exist tend to confuse you in the beginning, and this problem is one of the biggest reasons that people fail in starting up an online business.

I would like to point out that I can  choose a product (one of the ways to make money online) these days within an hour or two, buy a domain and have the basic website set up within a few short hours. That is the part that beginners seem to think is the hard part, and to give you an example – my first attempt that I tried took me three months to do that section – and I was getting full time training at that time.

So, while that is easy for me now, it took a lot of learning that I did get from the two training guys that I reccommend to you in those banner links, but the real work actually begins after that initail website set up.

This is why you will need to get proper training, and then discipline yourself to doing those daily tasks that you have to do, to get your website ranking better and better everyday until it is featuring on the first page of the search results pages for a lot of targeted keywords.


I chose and set up a new site a few days ago, I have done about 4 hours work on it already, and it will still need me to do at least 20 more hours work on it. Thereafter it will require about 40 minutes a day for a few months, and eventually all it will need is about 2 hours a month. This new website will probably earn me a monthly income of between R3000 and R6000 a month forever.

So a maximum of 60 hours over a few months – the only investment from me is my time, skills, and about R500. This then translates into an extra R40 000 a year.

Is that worth it? HELL YEAH! 10 full days work for an extra monthly income that will be almost automatic after about 6 months…

Can I be 100% sure that the website will actually perform as I hope?

Definitely not!

But I have a lot of experience, and am 98% sure, and that is enough for me to do the work.

Then I simply go and do another, and another until I have the 10 or 20 that I need to give me a nice multi stream income forever.

Now when I told you earlier that there are dozens of different ways to make money online, this method that I prefer is only one of at least 4 or 5 that I wish I had enough time to do by myself, but I have only 24 hours in a day. :(

Well I used to do 16 and 18 hour days in the beginning, and am now down to a normal 8 hour day, and plan to cut that back more and more. :)

So how do you decide on what to do next?


I offer you this simple advice…

  • Be sure that you are committed to starting a business – the rewards are fantastic – but you will actually have to work :)
  • Contact me via my contact page – if you need a bit of advice, I will happily answer all your questions – but still do all the steps I suggest here
  • Go to both of the training sites that I recommend and look carefully at what they offer. These two guys are the best out there, one tends to be best for those of you who are totally new to any technology, and the other presumes you have the skills to open new accounts online, set up basic things on the internet (as simple as configuring your email inbox – as an example) Use the banners on the side of this website to go and look at their training. They both offer free stuff to get you started
  • Follow this page down to buy the $5 reports that I offer. For the price of a burger, you will get some great advice and a better understanding as to what goes on online.
  • Because this page will be written and not modified often, check if I still have any one-on-one training spots open. Generally I do not allow too many, as naturally this cuts deeply into my own website developing time.
  • Totally broke? Not a single zak to spend? I will still answer your contact inquiry, but then you will need to go out there and try to find as much free stuff as you can. This method is 99% guaranteed to fail, simply because you will get both good and bad advice and end up trying so many different methods and most will be doomed to fail. But not all, so you are welcome to persevere.
  • To point out the obvious – you will need a decent computer, a full time internet connection,  some free time, serious commitment and some money.
  • Remember that to start up an old school type business (something like a coffee shop) you will need 10 times more cash to invest, and will actually have a bigger chance of failure. I promise!

Bonuses that I offer.

I have two complete training courses that I have completed and they are both online and for sale right now.
Here are the links for you to go and see what they offer
The first is for crafters and flea market people – small work from home businesses, and that includes ones like landscaping etc…
The second one is a step by step system that I will be removing as a product that you can buy, and will only be offered as a bonus to people that I train, or those who join the Affilorama or Chris Farrell training from my links
Business in a crate
I have removed it already, and would offer you another bonus course if you so choose.

Finally Here are the $5 reports that I sell


These are small reports for less that a burger and coke, and are simply there to give you a more detailed overview of how to start to make money online.

I do go into a lot of detail in these reports and you could use that information to try to get started without actually paying for more training.

Naturally I do not suggest this route, but you will at the very least get a detailed explanation as to how making money online actually works.

These are images of the reports.

Clicking on them will take you to a page where you will learn more and eventually need to pay. Once you have paid you will be sent a download link. They are digital ebooks. The do also have affiliate links in them, where you could click those to be sent to the products that I suggest.

Yes, I will make a commission if you click those links :) – That is what this is all about. Making money online.


My Make money from home reports








That’s it!

Final comments.

I understand that I have written a lot of details here and possibly left you confused. I admit that I thought long and hard about not offering as many options, and at the same time telling you all this information using all sorts of RA RA sales page speak, but in the end decided to put it all down as detailed as possible and allow you to decide for yourself if your business ideas are worth pursuing.

I am very certain about one fact.

The time that I have been online and offering training has taught me that a lot of people are dreamers about starting a business in any form, and very few are actually prepared to put in the effort.

The entire idea behind me offering such high quality opportunities is to allow you to take your dreams and turn them into a real business without all the bullshit that you are likely to find online.

I am also pleased to add that because I am one person that works from home, I do not need to drive thousands of customers into a buying frenzy to stay alive. Point is that I am happy to give those of you that are interested my personal attention.

I am still an Internet marketer first, and spend a large portion of my time daily running the growth of my own website businesses.

However I am very happy to answer any questions that you might have and need to ask me personally.

E mail me here

Thanks for your time

Rob Anderson

PS – Warning – :) I am that person that you are hoping to become, I spend time working from home barefoot, and occasionally in my pajamas – if I have started early and forgotten to change!

I choose my own working hours, and get to spend all the time I like with my family at home. I am also a little eccentric – which is why I am so suited to using the internet to earn my living. :)


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