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Finally – the opportunity to buy a business that you can custom design to target the EXACT buyers that you are looking for.

I can supply only one of these businesses a month. 

Business for sale


This Business Building service is my premier service or product that I offer clients

In the five years that I have been learning and applying marketing skills online, I have gone from offering dozens of small individual services to small business owners – to where I now only offer a single premier Online Business Building Service.

Now I am going to try to explain in the simplest terms what this product is really all about.

I build you a website – that is really a complete business on its own – that is designed to target a set of buyers that already exist. This website will be designed in such a way that it is a complete business on its own, in some cases. Supply and demand all built it. Equally the business (read website) could just be built and designed to target clients for your existing business.

I understand that this can be very confusing. So I have to go into quite a lot of detail here below explaining and showing you some examples of what sort of business I would be building for you.

If at this point you would just like to make contact with me, then click here and use the contact me page to start up the contact between us. I allow everyone a one hour free meeting. If you need more information – please keep reading…

Google has a tool that shows you exactly what people are searching for online.

This tool gives you very detailed numbers of the exact set of instructions or information that people are searching for daily online.

Then what I do is build you a website business that I then place directly in front of those buyers.

It really is as simple as that. However there are naturally brilliant business opportunities and equally bad ones. But the number of people that search for those products or services are exactly the starting point hat will guarantee that you have buyers ringing you up daily – IF you have found the correct product, and your website is correctly built to get you those buyers!

Now I could go on and on about what and where these buyers are , and how many of them will appear at your doorstep, but let me rather give you a few examples.

I am not going to think very hard about these examples, and am going to simply “suck” them out of my head as I go along. Because there are so many thousands of possible business types that it hardly matters.

Seriously there are literally thousands of business choices that you can use, and most would be very successful.

I would show you – in detail – all the possible options.

Naturally – when you place an order with me, we would have done a LOT more careful research into your personal business idea choice.

To try to show you some variety of business options – I will do three examples, one for a typical local small home based business, then a second for a large international affiliate business selling digital products and finally the third example will be for physical products that you could sell online.

BUSINESS EXAMPLE NUMBER ONE – Decorator / Interior Designer

Local home based business.

Now this could be any of hundreds of services or businesses that millions of people run from small business premises or from home all over the world.

For example – Hairdressing Salons, Book Keepers, Landscapers, Consultants, Surveyors, Architects and many more.

I will choose a decorating business for my example.

This is the number of potential clients that are actively searching for those services online every month. (I am using South Africa here for this example)

The column down the left is the actual keyword (phrase) that they looked up on Google.

Then the numbers on the right are the exact number of people that looked up that keyword.

So the first one tells me that 3600 people a month look for “wedding decor” every month in South Africa.

buy a business

Now every single one of those keywords is a potential business all on its own. Naturally if (for example) you wanted to target “wallpaper decor” your potential number of clients would be only 480 a month.

But wait!

Let me take that “weaker” example a bit further.

Now I dig deeper into “wallpaper decor” and find that these extra numbers apply….

decorating business for sale

So even when I use this weak example the potential number of clients that will find your website (if it is built correctly) is more than 670 a month. Remember that these are very highly targeted people. They looked up very specific search terms. Ones that you can service!!!

So what if you got only 83 sales from those inquiries a month? Would this be enough business?

OK, now let me tell you the real reason why this example is bad… The term “Decor Wallpaper” is in fact a brand name (a company name) so you would not be able to target this one very successfully – unless you are a certified agent for that company. THEN you would do very well.

So, let me go back to the best example from the first image… “Wedding Decor”

Now you have over 7500 potential buyers/clients every month.

Naturally they are all looking for slightly different things – as you can see from the keywords, but they all relate to “wedding Decor” and that makes this business a brilliant option.

Wedding decor business for sale

Purple wedding decor??????? Wow, amazing.

OK, moving on :)

What percentage of those 7500 people do you think could become clients of yours?

1%?, 2%?, 5%?, 25%?, 50%?

I know the answer, But will only tell you that when we meet! LOL

BUSINESS EXAMPLE NUMBER TWO – Large international specialist – Selling Digital products|Training products|Information

This example is where you have the biggest number of possible business types. Plus you get to have as many different ways to actually earn the income from these business types.

With these businesses you get the big advantage of being able to run this business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

It could be from a farm, a caravan park, or an apartment in almost any city in the world. It should not be from your bosses desk at the job you have right now. :)

Because I have such a massive range of options here, I will not even bother to try to list the thousands of choices, and simply choose one from nowhere.

Done, I will use Colic Baby problems as my example.

So, let me go off to the Google tool again and see how many people are looking up this problem, and what sort of search needs thay have.

WOW! Now we go international. Look at the potential number of clients!

colic business for sale

I decided to dig a little deeper, AND GET TO A MORE TIGHTLY TARGETED SEARCH TERM. ”

Wow, this has fantastic potential. Over 14 000 people a month searching for solutions to Colicky babies every month.

colicky baby business for sale

So now you get a web based business from me that has a potential of over 14 000 visitors a month.

The product that you would be “promoting” from your website would be something like this…

or this

Now every time you send someone who visited your website across to these websites – and they buy – you get a commission (between 70% and 75%).

You will get an average commission of about $13 from each sale. That is R110 as of today here in South Africa.

So, we go back to numbers.

How many of those 14 000 people do you think will eventually be desperate enough to pay a small fee to sort out that babies colic as fast as possible?

Now remember that this is a parent that already knows that their baby has colic, they are probably up at 2 am with a miserable child, and at that stage start to look up solutions online…

They want a solution NOW!!!

So, I repeat! How many of those “desperate buyers” do you think would be prepared to actually pay a small fee to get immediate digital help? (they would be downloading a PDF right away)

I also know the answer to that question, and we can discuss it in more detail when we meet. :) :) :)

Now once this website is firing on all cylinders  you have the option to easily add two or three different business models to take the whole system to a completely new level.

Those options would include forums, membership clubs, your own digital solutions, becoming an authority author and a few other potential ideas.



OK, you are obviously getting the picture here.

So, without me going into a ton of details here – let me simply tell you a brief overall explanation.

The best way for this business is to promote goods for Amazon, and get a commission from them.

They pay from 4% commissions up to 8% when you start to sell a lot of products.

I do the same thing for you – I help you choose a niche. Then I build you a very highly optimized and targeted web based business for those buyers.

Let me simply put up a very general example – T.V. ‘s

appliance business for sale

OK, this is still very broad in it’s targeting, but this still gives you some idea as to how many people are searching for specific items to find out more information on, and to eventually buy.

There are quite a few people that make over $100 000 a month from Amazon from websites that promote these physical products.

So, what makes my “business” website that I will build for you so special?

Firstly I need to point out that Google has made it increasingly difficult for a normal business owner to do all the things that are necessary for a website to get onto page one for the busy keywords. I take all those “things” that Google asks of your web business and do it all for you.



End of shouting section – LOL – but it is true, South African business owners are especially guilty of thinking that there website are “cutting edge” when they are in fact years behind in all aspects of SEO etc.

Now, back to what I do for you.

Most people that try to build their own DIY internet marketing businesses give up very quickly as they soon realize that the learning curve is very steep, and worse 99% of the time they have been told that it is easy to make money online.

Now that part is true, it IS easy to make money online – way easier than starting up an old fashioned offline business, but they think “easy” means no work.

Duh! Of course you still need to actually work on the business. This is the bit where they decide to rather go back to watching TV and fail at their online business.Now the big advantage that I offer is that I do all that work for you.

I take the business idea that we discussed in our meeting and turn it into a large authority web based business for you, completely set up.

I will list all the things that I do for you in a downloadable report that I will add for you at the end of this page.

The prices will also be listed there.

Finally – before you rush off to download the details/pricing report, I need to point out two last things.

Even though I only build one of these businesses a month, they do not actually get completed in a month. Some of them will take up to 6 months to be completed, and none will be done faster than a month.

Generally speaking you will only start to get “noticed” by Google after the second month and it will take up to 4 months before your website is getting good traction in the search engine results pages. However the good news is that once your business starts to get noticed, (and naturally it will because I am a genius) the number of visitors increases on a curve basis after that.

You will understand why it takes so much time once you read the report details and you see how much work goes into the details of your website.

PAGE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION….all that is missing now it the details report and pricing. Sorry – I will try to hurry :)


I must mention this very important point. I can supply only one of these businesses a month.

Please understand that this works on a first come first served basis. I also reserve the right to refuse to build certain types of websites. Finally it is vitally important that you do it my way, as the risk of constant interference from “helpful” clients can easily cause your new business to get banned by Google and render the entire project null and void.

OH, before I go, if you arrived here and this is the first page you are seeing -

then I suggest that you go to this page here, BUSINESS IDEAS AND OPTIONS

 or go to the front page and start there.


Thanks for understanding.

Robert Bruce Anderson