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Section One – If you do not yet have a business

Look, I need to try to keep this simple right?

But at the same time I need to get you to fully understand the potential that there is online.

Therefore I apologize for this next paragraph – where I point out the obvious – but it is perhaps the best place to start.

You see Online Money Ideas are just as many as Normal Money Making Ideas that we have known about for years. Like selling hot dogs, or becoming an accountant, or manufacturing furniture.

But most of those require that you throw a lot of time and money at them before you start to see a return financially for your efforts.

Well you are going to be pleased to find out that there are thousands of ways that you can make money online and a lot of them do not require massive learning skills.

Before I show you some examples let me tell you that most of what you will need to learn about online money making is either as hard as opening a new Facebook account, or if it is a really hard thing to learn (Like WordPress) then it is as hard as learning to drive a car.

Ha-Ha, yes you heard me right, the hardest thing I need to teach you to do is as hard as learning to drive!

A lot easier than going off to do a degree right?

What you will need to learn to do online

Either you will pay me to do 90% of the beginning work for you, or I will need to teach you about three driving type things and about 10 account opening things.

You will then have enough skills to make over R 100 000 a month – if you follow what I teach you – and keep on doing it for at least three months…

But there is a massive problem

You have skills or passions that will be totally different to the next guy right?, so this is where the problem comes in with me trying to show you some examples here on this page.

It is also why you simply have to contact me for a meeting if you are serious about creating a perfect lifestyle for yourself.

Because everyone has different skills, different budgets, different time constraints, different abilities and for that matted disabilities – you need to sit with me (physically or on the phone) and allow me to listen o what your skills are and show you the perfect way to make money online for you.

Do you have these 6 things?

  • Writing Ability – The ability to write clear and understandable sentences. Nothing fancy, but correct spelling correct grammar (please do not point out to me that mine is full of mistakes because I am aware of it :))
  • A Computer – You Need to have a computer. It could even be just a tablet, but that would be difficult, and a laptop or desktop would be all you need.
  • An Internet Connection – The Internet is a must, but if you have limited resources in the beginning you could do your work at home and then upload it at an internet cafe.
  • A Plan – I will show you at least 30 perfect for you business ideas that you could choose from and start to make money online within weeks, sometimes within days.
  • Time to do the training and then do the work -Two hours a day will be enough to get yourself a full time income withing as little as three months. If you had the time to do 8 hours a day and stuck to a plan – then you could be making money with a few weeks, and a lot of it.
  • Other small details – Actually part of your plan, but a product is important and a method of getting paid, and a few other small items.

There are millions of people making a LOT of money online, and I can show you examples of school kids earning R 50 000 a month (their model is kindle books)

Let me give you a single example out of thousands

Start a blog on sports news. Keep the blog to a single sport. Like soccer, or rugby. Keep that blog very up to date, do interviews and a bunch more. treat your blog like a monthly magazine and newspaper combined.

Follow my steps on how to do your content, your seo and your social media marketing.

Build an email list as you go along.

Does this sound hard? It is really just a blog. If that word SEO scares you, pay me to set it all up for you and then all you need to do is add posts to your blog.

Would you like to know the potential for a decent blog?

R5 million a month! I am not joking, ask me why when we chat – I can prove it to you in about 5 sentences!



Section Two – If you already have a business

This is simpler for me to help you, so let me dive right in here.

Unless your business is one that nobody is interested in, there will be people searching for your product online.

I will show you 20 very good ways of increasing your leads to your business.

I can then show you another 100 smaller ways to keep a trickle per idea coming in – which could end up being a flood of leads if you apply the whole damned lot.

  1. I will give you a free consultation that will show you what I can help you with – you decide what you want to do from there.
  2. If you choose to work with me – I can do any or all of the following things for your business.
  3. I could give you a few free reports that will help you.
  4. I could do training with you on specific things
  5. I could do complete mentoring until you can stand alone
  6. I could just do all the work for you

All of this means nothing until you have listened to the advice I can offer you.

Call me now – see the details below. Please note that space and times are limited.


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