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Everything you need to know about marketing online

How to set up an online business

R2500 worth of online business consultation advice

This is available for free right here on this page. I have created a large number of free videos that go a long way to showing you everything you need to know about how websites and businesses work online. This advice is what I normally give to all my new clients on our first meeting. I now offer it for free to everyone, and hope that you are able to put it to good use in your business endeavors.

Free Videos To Help You Get Started

There are going to be more than 50 videos for free, teaching you everything you need to know in connection with promoting your business or service online. Please scroll down and look at all the videos. I have placed the important ones nearer the top and the ideas videos lower down. Some of the videos are important and therefore as long as 20 minutes and others cover the topic quicker and those are as quick as 2 minutes. The more videos you watch – the better your understanding is going to be in relation to how profitable your online side of your business is going to be.

What sort of videos are there?

You can scroll down and pick and choose from the videos to get free help and advice. Some of the videos are vital, and others might not be important to your specific business idea   The videos cover three main areas. 1. What types of business ideas will work well online 2. What those websites need to have done to the site to get ranked by the search engines 3. definitions and descriptions of terms like keyword research etc.

My Services

I will also be listing my services, and show you some opportunities that you could purchase to get your business functioning at its optimum potential. One of the biggest reasons I have placed all these videos here on this page for free and not charged you to view them is to help both you and I in a massive way. You – The more you understand how things really work online the better placed you will be to make informed decisions. Me – I am just one person and have a driving need to try to help everybody. But I cannot do that one-on-one, so this way I can help everybody for free.

These Are The Videos That Cover All The Basics

Must Watch Videos

Just a quick note here. This website is undergoing a MASSIVE change. I am switching it all over to free content for everybody. I am currently recording and uploading over 50 videos for you. It will be a massive help to you and your business. or your business aspirations. Please keep on coming back.


Business Opportunities

Always under Construction!

This page is always going to be under construction because things are changing all the time - Please come back often