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Mindset is Important in Business

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business?

Becoming an entrepreneur, and leaving the 9-5 life that so many of us wake up dreading.

Stop wasting your life in mediocrity and boredom. Believe in yourself and set yourself up for success.

Invest in your future.

Develop the entrepreneurs mindset.


Video Creation Course




How to do be able to create your own videos easily for your Youtube channel, Facebook or your website

With this skill, you can create courses for Udemy or for JV zoo or for Clickbank and more.

You will be able to decide to make a video and less than an hour later have it done and online.

You can use this to record your screen or record Powerpoint and more.

Save TIME and MONEY by learning this skill and power your marketing via video to a completely new level.


My Crafting Niche Research Course

How to do detailed research for your craft niche or craft product

This research will work with most normal business ideas too – as long as it is a “normal” type of product, even things like adult colouring books etc.

Things that are covered in this course includes…

Where and how to start your research for a product
Research via magazines
How to research craft markets
Looking into wholesalers
Research in stores, shopping centers.
Research via keywords
Online research via forums, and blogs
Places like Craigs List and Etsy are covered


A Valuable Online Business Toolkit

A Collection of links for the best places online for your business

I have written (and continually update) a report that is full of great resources online.

The idea is for you to know where to get things done…

Where to get images

 How to do graphics

Content creation

The best priced software

The best freebies

so much more


26 Ways to make money online

My most downloaded freebie ever

This detailed report was written for my clients back when I was still doing one-on-one training. It helped them understand all the options before we even met.

It goes into a lot of detail about how you can start and then plan what type of business you would like to start online.

Once you have read this report, you will know a lot more facts on how many different ways you can create different streams of income


A Free Premium Website Installed for Your Business

Get  a free premium website set up for your business*

Naturally there are strings attached as this has a value of over $ 200 – possibly as much as $500.

This will give you access to one of the most powerful content management systems for your business website and have a theme installed that is so brilliant that you will leapfrog your competition instantly.

The Theme is Divi from Elegant themes and you will need to click the link below to go and see what you get with this deal

*The string attached? you need to use my affiliate link to get this offer 

This example image is just one of hundreds of different types of styles you can achieve by using the Divi theme. you could almost copy any other website you have seen out there.

The options are almost endless


Keyword Orientated Content Writing Course

Keyword Orientated Content Writing Course


Writing articles, white papers and creating content for your blogs – for your website and for web 2.0 properties that you have online is important.

It can be used to generate a ton of highly targeted traffic to your website.

If you committed to creating a decent piece of content per week, and then placed that  article in 20 places online – after 2 years you will have 8300 backlinks, and 8300 places where you could be getting one or two visitors from there to your website every month.

worth doing isn’t it?


Reviews on a lot of Products

Product | Software | Courses Reviews

I make videos for a lot of the products and services I use or feel that you could use in the marketing of your business online.

I am constantly looking for new courses, services, and products that will help you get the most out of your efforts online.

Click on the link below to go and see what I have been doing there.


Fiverr Blueprint – a Course

Micro-services Course focusing on Fiverr

There are so many ways to make money online, but sometimes you need to make money fast – This Fiverr method is one way for you to get a nice part time income going.

It is something that you could turn into a full-time income, and you will see that when you get your copy of the course.

Personally – for me anyway – I fell that it is a nice way to give you an income while you set up a more permanent online marketing system.

Until you have seen what you could be doing on Fiverr and what this course offers you, you will never know if it is for you.


WordPress Tutorial PDF

WordPress Tutorial PDF is a report that I recently wrote for you as a free download to help you understand how to use WordPress to its best advantage

The white page or report if you prefer to call it, is a PDF that details  WP to you, and at the same time covers all the other bits, like how to upload it, how to add pages and more.