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Free Online Training

Please enjoy all the training that I have for you online

Keyword Training

Keywords are the Core to all your buyer traffic visitors


Find out how to do keyword research and use that power for your website, your video marketing, and your social media.

I have 6 training videos for you

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C-Panel Training For Beginners


Cpanel is the dashboard for your websites hosting


Inside your CPanle you can do things like setting up your emails, adding sub-domains and add-on domains and more.

It is here that you will have access to the files that you host online for your website

I have 5 training videos for you

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WordPress Training and Tutorials

Using WordPress on a daily basis is actually easy


I cover most of the basics that you need to know about WordPress here in the 16 videos

I have 16 training videos for you

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Content Creation Tutorials

Content creation for your WordPress website done in detail for you right here for free

You need to do content creation in a certain way of you are hoping for buyer traffic from the search engines.

To rank your pages or website for thousands of keywords you need to create your content in a keyword orientated manner.

I have a free PDF and 11 training videos for you

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Free Business Training

This entire website is aimed at helping you get your business off to a profitable start


Go to the menu and click on all the “start your business here” type links – they will all give you a variety of great advice.

Get the freebies too, you will have a very deep understanding about how to make money online if you have been through all my stuff that is here on this website.

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