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CPanel Videos and Training and Tutorials


How and What To Do Inside Yor CPanel

This is the training page for using your control panel from your hosting provider.

See the training videos below.

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This is the training video series for the Cpanel that you get when you have hosting for your domain or website

I have done a series of tutorials for your CPanel – also know as your control panel, and the idea is to not let you stress about things that you think you should be doing in your Cpanel and do not need to do.


If you feel that I could do a specific training video for you that I have not done here below, then feel free to either comment here or send me a message via the contact page.


Working with the file manager in your CPanel


The file manager is obviously a vital part of how your website gets to be live and online, but there is not that much you need to do with it.

Watch the video so that you can see what those basics are going to be, so you will know what to do if you need to work inside the file manager in your CPanel

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The Email part of your CPanel system


The good news about setting up emails for your business or website is that once it is done you will probably not need to go back there again very often.

This video shows you things like forwarding your emails, how to set one up and a few other basics for everything you need to know inside the Cpanel mail section.

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Domains and your CPanel


This can be a little confusing as it is something that you need to do right at the very beginning and for a beginner this can seem very complicated.

It is not complicated at all, and the only problem that I had making this tutorial video was that it is not easy to explain a thing that will be different for everybody as most people get their domains from outside sources.

Still – you need to see what I can show you in this tutorial as it covers things like sub-domains etc.

 Watch the video

WordPress Installation inside your CPanel



Installing a WordPress website is something that you are not likely to need to learn how to do. But if you saw how easy it is, you will know that it is something that you can do at any time.

This is especially helpful if you want to add a subdomain that you can use for testing and training purposes.

I suggest that you do that anyway. It will save you from breaking your core website too often.

Watch the Video


Thank you for watching my training Videos

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