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Starting From The Beginning


What you need to know about how to start your business online will be explained right here

Elegant Themes Divi Theme ReviewThis would apply just as easily to an existing business.

There are a few simple steps that you need to do to your research.

Then there are a few simple steps that you need to do in the setting up of your business.

Then there are a few simple steps that you need to do in how you set up your website.  

And more.

Let me detail it all briefly for you here below and I then suggest that you follow what I teach you in detail.  

A few hours spent watching videos and then a few weeks applying what I teach you will eventually stand you in good stead in the future.


The Extra Theme ReviewEverything that I will be telling you about here on this page will have a corresponding section and videos and a page for that specific training section.

For example, I will be taking about niche research and there is a page for that on the front page of this website.

See the image I have taken here.

The idea is for me to do in-depth explanation videos for each of the sections that you need to learn for your business to be successful online.

I will run through a short explanation here below this text section explaining what you need to do next.

I very highly suggest that you pick up a copy of my 26 ways to make money online PDF first.

This will give you a birds-eye overview of how the make money online thing works, and will help you see if you are targeting the best sub-niche in your niche in your business in your life (OK, I couldn’t resist that LOL)

Step one – Understand all your potential options

Elegant Themes ReviewWhat I am talking about here is knowing every possible way that you could be marketing your skills or services, both online and offline. Let me give you an example. You are a mechanic and wanted to start a car service business. You could do any or all of the following things to make money from your skills

  • Set up a workshop in your local town
  • Set up a website marketing that service
  • Creat how-to-videos on how to service specific things on cars. either sell the videos or give them away, or both.
  • Write 10 books on servicing car issues and publish them on Kindle
  • Start a forum for a popular brand or model of car, or car group (like street racing)
  • Write a blog on car things – earn amazon AdSense commissions
  • Create an app that solves car issues – or is an app for car towing services for that town
  • Get some software created that will eventually get sold to every car service shop in the world, it will be an easy-to-fill-in-form or something for servicing car hand-overs or something.
  • Set up a service online where people – both mechanics and home mechanics can pay you a small fee for a quick consultation on a specific problem.
  • Set up a classified website that sells spares only, or sells new parts, or sells a certain type of car (only Ford)
  • Set up a membership website where car enthusiasts pay you a monthly fee to come and interact with other similar people, plus they get training on things, plus they get magazine type information and videos etc. like paying to belong to a club.
  • Start a social media site just for cars, or bikes, or racing or something.

Can you see how many different ways you can spin just a single one of your skills? In fact, I highly recommend that you do at least three of these types of ideas for your business.

Step Two – Do decent niche research

Going deep into the potential power of the niche that you want to be in is the only way to see what the buyer intent is for that specific sub-niche or niche.

On the front page of this site is a tab or banner that you can click to see a detailed page on niche research.

Step Three – Do your Business Plan

Sadly, money is always the biggest reality of any business.

A passion for starting a business is great, but when it comes down to it, you need a very carefully worked out business plan.

Not one you did in 25 minutes after supper, but one where every cent written down is accurate.

The thing is if you do this right, and the numbers pan out, your business will be a success as long as you stick to that plan. You will not find yourself sitting up wide-eyed in the middle of the night wondering if you can pay your staff at the end of the week if you did a very details business plan – proved that it works on paper, and then went out and did what you planned to do.

You will not find yourself sitting up wide-eyed in the middle of the night wondering if you can pay your staff at the end of the week if you did a very details business plan – proved that it works on paper, and then went out and did what you planned to do.

Let me tell you a fact.

I have done many business plans for my own businesses and have always been confident in how well done they were researched and completed. BUT, I do not feel 100% confident to tell you I am an expert.

With every other aspect of this small business idea or business marketing malarky, I am 200% confident that I am giving you the best advice.

When it comes to detailed money research.

Costs and numbers, I suggest that you see a bookkeeper, and accountant, and a bank manager.

Take their suggestions in and adjust accordingly and then see them again.

I suggest that you do detailed research on the subject online, and perhaps even get a few Kindle books on the subject.

Cross check, double check, and re-check every single tiny cost in your business planning and when you are totally confident that you have it correct – get started.


Step Four – Set up your brick and mortar business (if you are going to have one of those)

OK, this is where you are going to need to spend a huge amount of your money on hand if you were planning to have a physical business.

I would never do that again (OK, maybe I would) but I find that the online stuff is far easier and cheaper and you can still be very profitable.

Stick to your budgeting when spending in this phase of your business. I do not have any training for this section.


Step Five – set up your website

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I do have a lot of training for this section and highly suggest that you go a see it all.

I also have that free premium website offer that you can find out about on the front page.

This is very important that you set this up correctly from the very beginning.

Follow what I tell you, contact me to do it for you, or get the free option, but make sure that you have a WordPress website installed and that it is optimized the right way from the beginning.

You will be adding plug-ins, setting up the internal structure of your website and more.


This will be found in the WordPress training and even in Cpanel training on this site.

Step six – do the basics for your website

You will need to start with keyword research. You will have been doing that already when you started to research your niche in the beginning, but now you need a new a different set of keywords. Keywords where you will be targeting your buyers.


You will be setting up your website with these buyer keywords in mind. This is also internal structural things like categories and more.

This is also internal structural things like categories and more.

Step Seven – add content

This is so important that I should bold it, in fact, I will, as these early days are what tells Google what your business is really about. You need to do careful planning for these early pages.

This involves things like super pages and silo structuring and keyword density. All this can be found in the content creation section.

Step eight – do all the rest at the same time.

Once you get to this stage in doing the online side of your business things get a little trickier, and the truth is that each business will have different needs at this point. So, this is where you need to do the daily running stuff for your web business. Thinks like…


Regular interesting content.

Social media. Videos Backlinking Constant content

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