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Please look through the services I list below

You will find that more than 80% of the services I offer relate to online marketing of small to medium businesses.

I do not do things like business plans, financing or many of the vital tasks related to starting a business, but I do cover the planning of your business and the marketing of that business.

I do show you how to plan and start up a business or ramp up an existing business by applying some really simple online marketing methods. These do take time but are mostly easy to learn and apply.

The videos on this website would have gone a long way to educating you to what can be done to become profitable and if you have watched them and need me to do some of the steps that you have seen there – you might find the option below.

Free Premium Website

This is going to be a controversial offer and might not be available for long.

What I will be offering you is a high-quality premium WordPress website installation with 7 pages included IF you use my affiliate link to order your hosting.

This offer will have a value of around $300.00 and will come with LOTS of very strict rules.

I will redirect you to a page where you can look at all the options you have available to you and read all the rules to decide if you would like to get this amazing offer.

Business Ideas From The Very Beginning

Everybody loves to speculate on how they could own their own business.

They best part is that they also think that it would be easy, and only when they start to think about the details do they realize that it is all a little more complicated than that.

However, what I want to show you is that if you gave yourself a few choices – on business ideas – and then did some serious research into that idea BEFORE you do anything, you might find a business that is almost a certainty. The deeper your research goes, the better your chances of success will be.

I cover all those research ideas in the training videos here on this website.

If you feel that you do not want to learn how to do the work yourself you are welcome to contact me for  the research to be done for you. Go to the services order page

General Business Marketing Advice

With 35 years of self-employment, and the last 7 years of that learning and applying online marketing tactics – I bring a wealth of experience to you and your business ideas to this website.

I have previously done one-on-one consultation and training, I now have converted all that to a series of videos that I offer you for free on this website and on my Youtube Channel.

I will cover everything from the point where you want to start thinking about a business – right through to where I help you drive paid traffic to your best converting pages.

I highly suggest that you watch as many of the free videos that I have here on this website before you book me for a consultation.

That way we can discuss details for your money and not generalities. To book me for a consultation – go to the booking page

Search Engine Optimisation

These SEO packages are on special and will include an amazing range of items built into the package.

You will be getting around 80% more value in this package than if you ordered the services from individual service suppliers online.

For the price of a standard premium 20-page website design,  I will be giving you the added bonus of a lot of extra SEO aspects within this package.

I will limit the package to 4 clients a month.

There will be an upsell option available where you can order extended months to get more solidified SEO structures cemented forever into your marketing website.

I am not going to try to build a fancy sales page to convince you that you need this package.

Those of you who do know what is needed for online business will see the value built into the package. I will be adding a page soon which will have all the detail on it.

Premium Website Design

I wish to apologise upfront on one single aspect here. As of writing this page, I only work with WordPress.


Simply because it is the best for SEO by far, plus it is the easiest system for clients to use to add pages and more by themselves.

Then I also only ever use Elegant themes and specifically Divi.

It is a theme that is so versatile and so responsive that I feel that it does everything that any website needs to do.

Finally, because I work with Divi on a daily basis it allows me to not worry too much about learning how to design aspects that would simply waste time.

You deserve efficiency of time on your projects and I do that for you.

To see my design packages please go to this website Designsmith, website design