Why not plan to make chunks of money and be very successful this year in your small business?

This is a new year and a fresh start is never a bad idea.

You do not necessarily need to have a complete fresh business idea, but it is the renewed energy and commitment that will help you the most.

26 ways to make money onlineThe best small business ideas for 2016 are definitely all website related.

2015 proved that Google has tightened up their search results algorithm so efficiently that it takes a special type of page or content item to get you the business search results you require.

What Google wants from you is decent keyword related content.

What your potential client wants from you is answers to their search queries.

What you want are decent leads.

Now that is all you need to know.

Then you need to know how to rank specific pages and posts at the top of those search results pages, and all the rest will follow, happy visitors, lots of leads.

Simple right? Actually it is all rather simple.

You do need to put a lot of planned effort into this business idea of your s for 2016 to get the results you need, but if you spend the time, you will get the results.

Google is looking to see that visitors see and like your content, so you need to do the following things – and you will not fail.

  • Find what they are looking for right now (did you see the title of this post? :))
  • That is your keyword research
  • Then write a decent informative post or page
  • Publish it, format it, add details like images or video.
  • Then share it on the three big ones. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.
  • You could add tumblr, pinterest, stumbleupon and linkedin.

Need big exposure for that page?

  • Do a guest post and link to it
  • Make a video about the page and link to it
  • Do a hangout for it, and link to it.
  • Design a nice info-graphic and allow people to post it with a link to your page.

So, if you need to do a small business idea this year and want to make it work big online you are going to have to do a few things first, and I promise you if you are serious it will all be worth your while.

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