Mars FactoryThought that I should just put up a few thoughts here for you to think about.

Getting a great small business idea is the very easy part of starting up a small business.

Getting the idea.

Hell if you are stuck for ideas then why not pick up a copy of the yellow pages? page through it and there are thousands of ideas.

You could use those free magazines that get delivered to your letterbox for as many good small business ideas.

Just on the subject of hairdressers you could come up with  20 different types of small businesses.

Getting your planning done right.

This is perhaps the most important part. I have a completely different website that just covers small business plan templates. If you are serious about starting up a small business then you have to do your planning in very fine detail.

Planned for years into the future too. Do not underestimate how important this step is.

In fact I normally suggest that you do the same homework on three different business models – to see which will be easier, and which will be more profitable.

Getting your finance right.

People all over the world are managing to start up small businesses these days without capital. But I gotta tell you that it is very difficult.

I have been down that road many times, and my honest opinion is to tell you to NEVER try to start a business without more than enough capital.

Doing the work.

Sadly most people think that starting up a small business is all about hard work. They will tell you with total seriousness that they are not scared to work 18 hours a day for years – if that is what it takes.

My honest take on that is – if you have to work 18 hours a day for years to get your business onto its feet then you planned it very badly.

Go to the Mirror and crap on that person that you see there.


This very medium that you are reading this blog post on – is so powerful, that you can take a dead business and turn it around if you know what you are doing online.

The great part is that you can hit profits within a few months, and need only to have a capital out lay of about R15000. You could even do it for a lot less – but you will have to work 10 times as hard.

So. Do not let your friends scare you away from your business ideas. Just plan it properly. From the very Beginning.

Take care